RRDD Volunteer Program Stamp Card

This is your opportunity to earn free waves at all Rideau River DockDogs events.

We are always welcome and appreciative to any help with the many jobs it can take to put on a Rideau River DockDogs event.

Our way of thanking you, is giving you an opportunity to earn FREE waves!!  The more you volunteer, the more you earn!

10 stamps on the card = A FREE WAVE ($30 value)



You can sign up to volunteer your time online before an event by visiting the sign up page that will be forwarded to all members prior to an event or you can volunteer on site by signing up at the Registration Desk.

At the event, please check in with the Volunteer Coordinator, at the registration desk.  We ask this so we know how many volunteer positions will be filled and how many will still need to be filled.

The Free Waves will have an expiration date of 1 year from date of issue.

We need help with:

Setup–   Receive 5 stamps.                                                                                                Work with the DockDogs personnel and RRDD club officers setting up event & pool.  Assist staging personnel with unloading and setup of dock.  Tent and registration booth including electrical hook-ups, and banner placements.  Setting up the crating area.

Tear-down–  Receive 5 stamps.                                                                                    Work with the DockDogs personnel and RRDD club officers, and staging personnel in breaking down the event, tents, pool, including tear down and loading of dock.  Pool requires draining, and breaking down parts.

Manual Judge – Receive 5/10 stamps  per wave.                                    Accredited manual DockDogs judges will assist DockDogs in scoring waves.

Swag Tent – Receive 2 stamps per time slot.
Help with selling club merchandise, hand out wave ribbons and speciality tasks such as selling raffle tickets etc.

Wrangler– Receive 2 stamps wave.                                                                    Get list of competitors from the Event Administrator.  During waves, make sure that competitors are in line and ready for their turn on the dock.  Work with announcer to keep the wave moving and on time. This person is “in charge’ of the dock during the competition, and/or during practice time preceding a wave.  This person’s responsibility is to make sure dogs and handlers are safe.  This is the person to enforce the Dock Dogs Rules, which will be provided.

Scorekeeper – Receive 3 Punches per wave
This position assists the judges by recording each jump’s final score.

Timer – Receive 3 stamps per wave
Two timers are needed for Speed Retrieve.  (stopwatches provided)

Announcer- Receive 5 stamps per wave.                                                         This duty is typically handled by a club officer or board member.  But during each wave this person needs a break, or would like to compete with their dog.  This position is best for someone who is comfortable talking to a crowd, and may know about dogs and handlers who are competing.

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